10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police

It’s weird to think the police will ever bother to arrest and detain animals for committing a crime. 

Animals have been locked up on suspicions of being spies, attacking people or just being general nuisances.

Some even appeared in court though none served jail time.


10 Herd of Goats Jailed for Being Displayed by the Roadside

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 1

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a herd of goats were spared trial after they were released at the orders of the the Deputy Justice Minister, Claude Nyamugabo.

Nyamugabo was touring the prison on a routine visit when he found the herd inside a cell with other prisoners.

The dismayed minister was informed that the goats were arrested with their owners and were all awaiting trial.

The goats did nothing wrong. They were just unfortunate to have been displayed for sale by the roadside by their owners.

The police had swooped on the goats and their owners, arresting them and keeping them in jail while they awaited trial.

The disgusted minister ordered the police to immediately release the goats. He added the police needed needed retraining since they were not supposed to arrest and detain goat. 


9 Donkey Arrested and Detained for Assault

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 2

A donkey in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico, realized animals were not exempted from the law after it was arrested and detained for assault.

The donkey was arrested for attacking two men: 63-year-old Genaro Vazquez and 52-year-old Andres Hernandez.

It first attacked Vazquez by biting him in the chest.

Hernandez tried rescuing him but was kicked by the irate donkey, causing his ankle to fracture.

Then it climbed the men.

It took six men to put the donkey under control.

Police arrested the donkey and locked it up in the same cell used to hold drunks.

Mauro Gutierrez, the owner of the donkey, was told it will only be released after he footed the $420 medical bill of the two men.

Curiously, that was not the first time police in Chiapas will be arresting and locking animals up for assault or other offenses.

In 2006, a dog was detained for biting someone.

Months before the donkey was locked up, a bull was detained for eating someone else’s corn and destroying two vending stands.


8 Cat Detained for Smuggling

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 3

A cat was detained in Brazil for smuggling contraband into a prison in Arapirica, Alagoas.

Prison guards caught the white cat when it was passing through the gate.

Taped to its body were a mobile phone with accessories including earphones and a charger. There were also drill bits and a file.

Prison officials could not confirm who taped the items to the cat’s body or who it was delivering it to, leaving all 263 prisoners as suspects.

They suspect that one or some of the prisoners were trying to maintain contact with people outside the prison or even planning an escape.

The contraband was confiscated and the cat was taken to an animal disease center.

This was not the only time a cat will be detained for smuggling contraband into prison.

In a similar incident, prison officials at Penal Colony No. 1, Syktyvkar, Russia detained a cat they caught with cellphones and chargers taped to its body.

Guards were on patrol when when they spotted the cat on the fence.


7 Donkeys Arrested for Eating

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 4

On November 24, 2017, police officers in Uttar Pradesh, India arrested a herd of eight donkeys for eating some expensive plants worth over $7,000 planted in a jail.

To add salt to injury, the donkeys destroyed the garden and injured some children.

Police had earlier warned the owner of the donkeys, identified only as Kamlesh, to keep them away from the jail since they planned on planting some expensive plants.

The owner did not heed the warning and allowed the donkeys roam free — until they ate the plants. They were promptly arrested.

Kamlesh tried getting the police to release his donkeys but they refused.

The donkeys only secured their release four days later, after a local politician intervened and paid the required bail.

This was even though the police had earlier posted a denial on Twitter, stating they never arrested any donkey and did not have them in detention.

A prison official said the donkeys were fed twice daily and well catered for during their stay in jail.


6 Pigeons Detained for Espionage

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 5

In 2015, police in India arrested a pigeon on suspicion of being a Pakistani spy.

The bird was spotted by a boy in Manwal village, which was just two miles from the border with Pakistan.

It was also close to Jammu, an area known to be frequently infiltrated by Pakistani agents and contested by both India and Pakistan.

The pigeon reportedly carried a letter written in Urdu (one of the two official languages of Pakistan) and contained a Pakistan phone number.

The boy took the bird to a police station where police found nothing out of the ordinary on it although they still held onto it.

A year later, another pigeon was caught in Pathankot, Punjab on accusation of being a Pakistani spy.

The bird reportedly carried a message directed at the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The letter was written in Urdu and translated to mean “Modi, we’re not the same people from 1971. Now each and every child is ready to fight against India.”

The bird was captured by members of the Border Security Force and handed over to the police.


5 Goat Appears in Court for Eating Plants

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 6

Gary, a goat owned by Australian comedian, Jimbo Bazoobi (whose real name is James Dezarnaulds) was arrested alongside Bazoobi for feeding on plants outside the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sydney.

Bazoobi and Gary were touring North Sydney when Gary ate the plants.

Police caught them at the scene and slammed Bazoobi with a ticket for “damaging vegetation without authority” before taking him and Gary back to their home.

Bazoobi said he was returning to North Sydney when he stopped by Circular Quay to allow Gary get some fresh leaves.

He said a police officer approached and told him he was doing something that was unexpected.

Bazoobi asked if the law forbade anyone from doing something that was unexpected. So the officer issued him a ticket and returned him home.

 A spokesperson for the New South Wales Police Department clarified that Bazoobi and Gary were not arrested but were only taken home.

That did not stop Gary from appearing in court since Bazoobi contested the $440 fine in a court.

The magistrate at Downing Centre Local court canceled the fine because there was no evidence that Bazoobi had deliberately taken Gary to the premises of the museum to feed on the plants.

The magistrate also dismissed Bazoobi’s request to get the government to pay his attorney fees.


4 Squirrels Detained for Espionage

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 7

Fourteen squirrels found themselves in Iranian detention after they were slammed with accusations of being Western spies.

Details about the squirrels are unclear but reports indicated that intelligence agents had picked them up around Iran’s border.

The squirrels were reportedly rigged with spy gears at the time they were caught.

Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqadam, the commander of Iran’s police confirmed the squirrels were in detention but did not offer more details.

The arrests came at a time when Iran geared up its effort at stopping western spies in the country.


3 Goat Arrested for Eating Neighbor’s Plant

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 8

In 2016, police officers in Chhattisgarh, India, detained a goat and its owner after the goat repeatedly fed on the plants in the garden of the judge next door.

The goat identified as Babli was fond of trespassing on the judge’s garden and feeding on his plants.

The judge issued several warnings to its owner, Abdul Hassan, telling him to get his goat off his garden but Abdul Hassan did not heed the warning.

Rajesh Paikra, the judge’s gardener, later captured the goat and took it to the police station after it ate some flowers and vegetables.

Abdul Hassan was later arrested and detained with his goat.

Police charged the duo with causing mischief and damaging private property but released them on bail.

Abdul Hassan learned his lesson and tethered the goat to stop it from raiding the judge’s garden thereafter.


2 Goat Detained for Carjacking

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 9

In 2009, police officers in Kwara, Nigeria, detained a goat for carjacking.

The goat was arrested by the vigilante — private citizens employed by communities to patrol areas the police did not patrol at night.

Vigilante members claimed the goat was one of two robbers who were trying to steal a car.

One of the robbers escaped while the other reportedly turned into a goat. He was picked up and delivered to the police who promptly detained it.

Police spokesperson, Tunde Mohammed, stated he could not clarify whether the goat was really a human in disguise but confirmed the police was in possession of the goat.

Another spokesperson said the police was only holding the goat until the owner came to retrieve it.

The goat seemed to be well catered for at least. A Nigerian newspaper published the news along with a picture of the goat feeding on straw.


1 Vulture Arrested for Espionage

10 Times Animals Were Arrested By The Police 10

In 2016, citizens of the Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil caught an Israeli spy lurking around their village. The spy was not a human but a griffon vulture.

Villagers had become skeptical of the vulture after they found it with a tracking device and label bearing the name of Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University were tracking the vulture at the time but did not realize it had been captured. They only realized this after finding pictures of the captured bird on social media.

Israel recovered the vulture after United Nation peacekeepers in Lebanon intervened.

Tel Aviv University clarified the bird was not on an espionage operation but was part of a project aimed at reintroducing the griffon vulture into the Middle East.

Ironically, this was not the first time a griffon vulture would be captured on accusations of being an Israeli spy.

In 2011, another griffon vulture was captured in Saudi Arabia and accused of being an Israeli spy.

Like the one captured in Iran, it had a GPS tracker bearing the name of Tel Aviv University.

Israel denied the accusation and clarified that the vulture was part of a study to understand the migratory route of griffon vultures.

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