10 Interesting Facts About Me (You)

There are lots of interesting facts about you. I know the title says me, but it is actually you. Yes, you reading this.

These amazing fun facts reveal certain things you would have never believed about yourself. Like you starting off life as an anus, and later, a girl.

10 You Started Off As An Anus anus

Every human starts off as a group of cells called blastula.

The blastula soon bursts, creating a hole called blastopore.

That hole will become your anus. In some animals, it becomes the mouth.


9 The First Thing You Notice About People Is Their Shoes


The first thing people also notice about you is your shoes. Wear good shoes.


8 (For Men) You Have Nipples Because You Were Almost A Girl


Every human started off as a girl.

Girls are formed from the XX chromosome while boys are formed from the XY chromosome.

The X chromosome kicks off during the first six weeks of development.

The Y chromosome kicks in later, ends the effects of the X chromosome (like the formation of breasts and the clitoris) and replaces it with a penis and other manly features.

Men have nipples because the X chromosome created the nipples within those first six weeks.


7 Somebody Out There Looks Exactly Like You

barrack obama lookalike

The possibility that somebody out there looks exactly like you is 1 in 135. However, the possibility you will ever meet that person is next to zero.

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6 You Are Likely To Have The Same Height As Your Father And The Same Weight As Your Mother

baby and dad

Researchers at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, England have discovered that babies are likelier to be tall if their father is tall, and fat if their mother is fat.


5 You Can See Your Nose

10 Interesting Facts About Me (You)

Your nose is right in front of your eyes, so you see it every time.

Your brain just ignores it because it blocks your view of whatever is directly in front of your eyes.

The brain makes up for the area blinded by your nose by merging information from both eyes together.


4 You Could Be Breathing With Just One Nostril


85% of humans breathe with just one nostril at a time.

Interestingly, the nostril stops breathing after four hours and the other nostril takes over.

The other nostril also stops breathing four hours later and the first nostril takes over. This continues throughout the day.

More interestingly, if you sleep on your side at night, the nostril closest to the side of your body touching the bed will stop breathing and the other takes over.

This happens if you switch to the other side.

It is believed that people who turn on their sides at night turn because they want the other nostril to takeover the breathing.


3 Your Fingerprint Is Not Unique


One in 64 million people have the same fingerprint.

That leaves a lot to be desired, considering there are over 7.53 billion people in the world.


2 You Drank Lots Of Urine Before You Were Born


You were covered in a watery fluid called amniotic fluid while in your mom’s belly.

You start to pee in the fluid at around week eight.

By week 11, you are already drinking the pee, peeing it into the amniotic fluid and drinking it again.

This cycle continued until you are born. At birth, the amniotic fluid is more of pee than a fluid.


1 You Also Ate Your Skin


Babies poop within the first day of birth.

This poop is called meconium and is sticky with a greenish-black color.

Meconium contains things you all the things you ate sin your mom’s belly.

This includes skin cells you shed, bile, water, amniotic fluid and lanugo: that fine, soft hair that covers the bodies of babies.


+ Think Of A Flower


99% of people will think of a rose.


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